Christine Böhler, Associate Professor Mag. phil.

Head of department

Christine Böhler is a literary scholar, curator, manager and coach, Associate Professor at Cross-Disciplinary Strategies. Her research spans to relations of power, science and media history and participatory methodology. She works primarily in development projects and is particularly interested in complex collaborations across cultures and disciplines. Christine works internationally in arts, literature, economy, science, research and exhibition projects, in long-term cooperations with NGOs, foundations and art collections. Since 2017 she develops the study programme “Cross-Disciplinary Strategies“ as head of the department. Christine studied Comparative Literature and Romance Studies in Vienna and Madrid.

Adnan Balcinovic, Sen.Art. Mag.art. BArch

Adnan Balcinovic is an artist. At CDS, he develops and runs the Cross-Disciplinary Capabilities Lab for BA students in collaboration with the CDS faculty. The CDCLab is a safe space for experimentation and critical cross-generational theoretical as well as practical exchange. Here, the knowledge acquired in the various courses of CDS is applied. Adnan also offers courses on artistic strategies as well as on reflective writing and portfolio development.
His artistic practice is concerned with serial production in relation to the moving image. Adnan works mainly with found materials and searches for concepts, structures and patterns. Important terms for his artistic practice are repetition, reproduction, presentation.

Aurianne Chevandier, Univ.-Ass. MA, MA

Aurianne Chevandier is an artist and researcher coming from the fields of History and Photography. At CDS she teaches topics bridging History, Memory and Archive to artistic practices. Her artistic focus is on the connections between visual arts and methodologies in History and Anthropology, as well as on gestures and methodologies of making in art. Her scientific focus is on Historiography, History of Science and Techniques and History of Photography.

Fabian Fischer, Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Ing. BSc MA

Fabian Fischer is a researcher, lecturer and disciplinary hybrid at the intersection of Science & Technology Studies (STS), Computer Science, and Political Science. He is researching algorithmic, data-driven and so-called ‘AI’ systems and their relations to society. In a time of increased automation and the digital transformation he considers it important to critically investigate how these systems shape our lives, but also how they are shaped.

Sarah Hager, Sen.Sc. MA, MA (Oxon)

Programme coordinator (currently on educational leave)

Sarah Hager’s teaching is rooted in a commitment to epistemic equality and the co-production of knowledge. She aims to contribute to spaces for (tentatively) unpacking messy constellations and practicing connection, cooperation, and criticality. Previously, Sarah has collaborated in more than 10 countries including field-research projects in the Global South for the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA); the UN Office of South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Andrea Schaffar, Univ.-Ass. Mag. Dr.

Andrea Schaffar is a Postdoc Researcher, Group dynamics trainer and Organizational Consultant. Within CDS she covers Social Research, methods and methodologies of Social Sciences and classes about Social Dynamics, Communication and Cooperations Strategies.
Her scientific emphasis are Qualitative Methods and methodologies at the intersections of different disciplines; media, digitalisation, media pedagogy and didactics; Urban Studies and Housing.

Astrid Wagner, Sen.Lect. Mag.art.

Astrid Wagner, born in 1982, is an artist living in Vienna. Her work comprises performative sculpture, painting, text and scenography.

Student assistants

Helin Özedmir, Stud.Ass.
Aimée Kohn, Stud.Ass.
Sanea Hertlein, Stud.Ass.


Christina Androsch
Andrea Nejo


Boris Buden, Univ.-Lekt. Dr.phil.
Benner, Maximilian Univ.-Lekt. Dipl.-Kfm. Dr. LLB MSc
Fabian Elbaky, Univ.-Lekt. B.A., B.A., M.A.
Gheorghita, Lucian Viorel Univ.-Lekt. MSc
Julia Grillmayr, Projektmitarb. Dr.in
Leander Gussmann, MA
Höller, Christian Gastprof. Mag.phil. M.Phil.
Brigitte Krenn, Univ.-Lekt. Mag. Dr.
Ludwig List, Univ.-Lekt. MA., MSc.
Monika Mokre, Univ.-Lekt. Dr. PD
Manfred Nowak, Sen.Lect., Univ.-Lekt. Univ.-Prof. Dr. LLM
Oberzaucher, Elisabeth Univ.-Lekt. Mag. Dr.rer.nat.
Birgit Peterson, Univ.-Lekt. Mag.rer.nat.
Robles Ponce, Frida Univ.-Lekt. M.A. B.A.
Purandare, Vrishali Univ.-Lekt. MFA, BFA
Sophia Rut, Projektmitarb. MSc
Tanja Traxler, Univ.-Lekt. Mag.rer.nat.
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