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Cross-Disciplinary Strategies prepares Master level students for critical engagement with the major scientific, technological and social issues arising from an interconnected and contested global world. This engagement is informed by artistic strategies and art perception, which are a foundation for the shared disciplinary language of CDS. In project work, students train their abilities for trans- and interdisciplinarity using empirical and artistic methods and contextual knowledge with individual support from mentors and their peers.

The master’s programme is centred on trans-disciplinary projects in which students research complex relationships, make these visible, and embed them in cooperative processes. To support these projects, CDS facilitates contact with and encourages collaboration between master’s students and civil organisations.

© Roozbeh Golemi:

Paula Bracker, Daniel Hüttler, Emma Hontebeyrie

CDS MA term project, winter 2022/23

Islands are acknowledged as isolated pieces of land. With their defined borderlines, one could understand them as finite. As such, their relation to other bodies is that of exclusion and immunity. opens a discourse where islands are recognised as interconnected transition zones. We explored, sensed, mapped, and collaboratively analysed a specific piece of land and its connections. Flausch Island tells various stories. It has become a location of collective doing and a method to cross borders of scales and time – to unfold landscapes in cross-dimensional dynamics. By contextualising its #chemical; #cultural; #material and #mystical dimensions, we translated the island into a blueprint. As an ecological fugue, we transfer it to other spaces, other pieces of land:

© Anna Tenzer: Im Fluss

Im Fluss

Yona Schuh, Anna Tenzer

CDS MA term project, winter 2022/23

Rivers are all around us. They are vital for transportation, drinking water, electricity production, and recreation. Yet, we are alienated from them. We forced them into canals and obstructed their flow through barriers. 

The handbook ‘Im Fluss’ aims to help us reconnect with these bodies of water from an ecocentric, hydrofeminist perspective. Through interviews, workshops, and projects, a wide array of river care and connectivity approaches is created.

Download the full handbook:

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© Morgane Billuart: Subsight credit

SubSight - Inquiries in the Subversion of the Attention Economy

Morgane Billuart,
Luca Hierzenberger

CDS MA term project, winter 2022/23

Subsight investigates the dynamics of the current attention economy and displays a variety of attempts toward a possible subversion. How do users consume online content? What is the trade operating while we spend time watching ads and videos? Who benefits from this economy and its monopolies? Are alternative models possible?

From Watch To Donate to generating Tabs for a Cause, our research unfolds concrete ways viewers can redirect their attention to participate in wealth and redistribution.

© Daniel Hüttler: The Danubian Bank

de:contain collective

Lucian-Viorel Gheorghiță,
Luca Hierzenberger, Daniel Hüttler, Friederike Teller,
Jana Weissensteiner & Samo Zeichen

CDS MA term project, winter 2021/22

The sterlet, once one of the most present species of the Danube River, has gone almost extinct. The sterlet points to the Danube as the body of water that gave space to the development of Vienna, shaping it topographically, biologically and socially. River regulation projects formed the Danube and the city of Vienna into their current shape. The wild alluvial forests, constantly reinventing themselves with the river’s flow, were engineered into the Donauinsel with the Danube highway, UNO City, the remaining Lobau, and Donau-Auen National Park. The de: contain collective Master student projects have been inspired by a cooperation with the LIFE Sterlet Lab at the Viennese Donauinsel. The students approach the brief differently, exploring narratives from the river, its inhabitants and its neighbours. All projects work with collaborative formats and connect levels of knowledge. Students apply AI technology, storytelling methods, and acoustic environments and create a currency for the common good.

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