Bachelor Projects


The CDS BA programme progresses through two phases. In the introductory year, students practise basic skills and develop capabilities for interdisciplinary practice. These include principles of science and technology, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and insights into a range of specific topics, including human rights, sustainable development goals and politics.

In the three-year application phase, students uncover complex correlations and integrate them into cooperative processes of action and expression that are given form in annual projects. Students work on global challenges using computer science, social sciences and artistic methods and strategies. The main site for this work is the CDC Lab – an experimental and collaborative project space where students work together across various materials, perspectives, techniques and configurations.

Milou Gabriel

Johanna Teufel

CDS BA Finalist Project, 2022

How can students be empowered to work artistically on a complex topic like sustainability? “witr tua“ is a collaborative project that explores how sustainability issues can be tackled by applying cross-disciplinary methods within the framework of five school workshops. Methods to establish spaces of resonance like those defined by Hartmut Rosa, strategies for uncovering hidden knowledge, and different approaches to make complex research visible through artistic strategies were applied between March and May 2022.

Theresa Hajek

CDS BA Finalist Project, 2022

Human Substance is a cross-disciplinary project dealing with the accessibility of blood donation. The project gives an insight into the history of transfusion medicine and highlights that technology reflects on human-made social structures. Via sound, the audience is invited to perceive the process of transferring a bodily human substance within the socio-political discourse. The project triggers a bodily reaction, to demonstrate the power relations of sharing a substance and the diverse roles that bodies encounter.

Matthäus Mayr

CDS BA Finalist Project, 2022

What happens to information when it is translated from one medium to another? What is analog, and what is digital? These questions have been the start for the Bachelor Thesis Project “TOTAL MEDIA LINK: translating between ANALOG and DIGITAL”. With this interactive installation, the user translates messages through different forms of media. The setting brings media forms from different centuries to life. It allows an understanding of media theory that is more intuitive but not less interesting than a merely text-based approach.

Pandemic CDS Lab

2020 and 2021

When the pandemic started in March 2020, CDS changed all teaching activities to distance learningThe cross-disciplinary teaching format “Cross-Disciplinary Capabilities (CDC) Lab” translated into a blog, production and development studio. It also showcases the results of other courses.
“Fact is Fiction” presents the annual projects of 2019/20, which connect to Donna Haraway´s The Camille Stories in Staying with the Trouble (2016). The project brief included working with a future scenario, choosing scientific and artistic methods, and deciding on using empirical methods and themes from our subject groups.
During the academic year 2020/21, our annual theme referred to “Du Contrat Social” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In this key work of the Enlightenment, published in 1762, Rousseau explains the development of modern democracy based on the argument that all power must aim for the common good and certainly not for God’s grace. More than 250 years later, we took his writings as the starting point for our deliberations.

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