Cross-Disciplinary Strategies.

Applied Studies in Art, Science, Philosophy, and Global Challenges

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (CDS) is a practice-based study programme offering BA and MA courses. In CDS, students, artists, scholars, and civil communities work together to create an open space in which experimental and collaborative projects come to life.

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CDS engages in artistic, academic and social conversations on complex and interconnected problems, including climate catastrophe, digitalisation, inequality and social transformation. Through this engagement, graduates gain the skills of developing and articulating their critical perspective and responding to the positions of others.

CDS creates the opportunity to work on current societal challenges in a multidisciplinary degree programme, linking the approaches and methodologies of art, the humanities, IT and social sciences.


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Cross-Disciplinary Strategies allows students to work on global challenges by interweaving perspectives from three study areas – artistic strategies and art perception, science and technology, and economics, politics and society. CDS understands this collaboration as a basic precondition to finding practical solutions. In this way, CDS emphasises the intellectual practice of cross-disciplinarity and the transformative potential of engaging across different positions and stakeholders.

To do this, the CDS programme creates connections beyond the university. It creates opportunities for students to reach out and engage in conversations beyond the typical audiences of academic or artistic discourses. Thus, CDS students spend their time in various activities, including attending lectures, visiting sites and studios, building objects, writing papers, debating with experts and asking others to share their knowledge and ideas.

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